U.S.S. Garriott

Crossfield Class (Refit)

Capt. Bernard Shaw

In the late 2250s, Starfleet and the Corps of Engineers (SCE) faced a crossroads in warp drive development. Rumors of stirrings in the Klingon Empire and the unsettling vacancy from the Neutral Zone by the Romulans spread concern through Starfleet command. It was decided to push forward with an unique form of propulsion through the research of notable scientists [REDACTION] and [REDACTION]. If successful, space travel would be fundamentally changed and the power scale tipped firmly to the Federation.

Four vessels were commissioned as the initial test beds for the experiment, the Crossfield, [REDACTION], [REDACTION], and the Garriott. The Crossfield and Garriott were the first completed space frames, and proceeded with the standard shake downs for long term develop. Their engineer staffs were not advised the true nature of the drive system. They were slated to be upgraded with the new [REDACTION] drive to facilitate research when the Battle of the Binary occurred forcing the Federation into open war with the Klingon Empire.

Due to problems with the [REDACTION] drive, the first two vessels were commissioned as standard warp drive capable vessels. Captain Shaw was assigned the Garriott and conducted combat operations along the border. These high profile assaults were designed to distract attention from the research and mission profiles of the [REDACTION] after the destruction of the fourth sister ship occurred.

After the war, the Garriott was put in spacedock for repairs and retrofitting of the saucer mechanism to continue the propulsion tests. The Garriott suffered through several delays and again was put out for patrol due to the internal crisis with [REDACTION] and the Red Angel Affair. The Garriott coordinated with the Enterprise and again acted as a decoy to [REDACTION] during the event.

After the destruction of the [REDACTION] and the classification of the [REDACTION] drive. The propulsion tests were discontinued for undisclosed reasons and the subject became taboo in command. The glaring omission to this attempt to conceal the truth was the surviving crew of the Garriott, the Crossfield was destroyed during the crisis by remote [REDACTION]. While Shaw and his crew did not know the extent of the experimental system, they and the Garriott were a glaring hole in the coverup. The Garriott was tasked to conduct a long mission survey in they Vega Omiri sector. Upon their arrival, the ship was joined by the Enterprise and scuttled. Official reports indicated the vessel was caught in an ion storm and subsequently destroyed.

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