Hello everyone and happy Sunday!

I wanted to share part one of a new build log that will include a review of the repop enterprise refit model and accompanying decal sheet and the Soyuz class resin parts kit. Since there will be a fair amount of crafting time for the next few weeks I figured I’d make a new blog entry out of it!

When I found out about the new refit kit I originally did not plan to pick it up. The TMP was never my favorite enterprise and the last version of the model I attempted to build did not go as planned. I saw the build video from the folks over at allscaletrek and I immediately ecumenical interested in trying the new kit and the revised decals that were released. I also thought this would be a good time to try my Soyuz build I was able to snag on discount recently.

I won’t go into the ship kits too much, those have had many reviews and not much has changed on the refit. I am surprised that the model cast is still crisp and had minimal flashing on the spruces. The decal sheets are what really surprised me. I pulled out the sheets and took an overview shot. The decal set comes in four sheets, divided between the reliant and the enterprise model. I had thought I would need to get two decals kits for the Soyuz, but to my surprise, it appears that I have enough decals for both ships, which the exception of the nacelle wallpapers.

Below is the overview of the Soyuz parts. I can’t tell you why, it I e always enjoyed this ship design dispute it’s bulkiness. The resin kit comes in around 20 pars and the instructions are very detailed.

The kit will require some trimming and sanding on the primary hull but should be straight forward with the instruction sheet. I did some initial cutting and sanding after I soaked the parts in the soapy mixture and scrubbed them down.

I set out all the spruces to do an initial base coat today. I intend to work on both kits at the same time to chronicle my progress.

Here is the last two photos for today. The refit will be straight out of box build so I will detail that part of the build more when I get to the decal placement.

2 thoughts on “1/1000 trek lost era dual build

  1. Great work! I used the 1/1400 scale version of the Soyuz conversion and I was a bit nervous trimming down the resin Starcrafts Reliant…but it came out well! I look forward to seeing yours finished.


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