Happy snow Monday!

I wanted to share a completed project I finalized today during our snow/social distancing day. As the news updates hourly with more saddening news, it was nice to take a break and get immersed in one of my grail kits.

A little backstory in this kit. I’ve always been a huge fan of the clone wars and the vessels that came out of the epic. It’s been fun to relive those memories with the new release and working on the ship. I found this ugly Betty at the last brimfield of 2019 in Massachusetts. It is a huge antique festival that occurs several times through the summer.

While walking through the stalls, I happened upon this model rack and saw this in the corner. I knew immediately what it was and I knew I had to have it. This was a grail kit for me and when it was first released it was beyond my budget at the time. After a little haggling, she was safely in my satchel and found it’s way the basement shipyards were it was stored for a nice rainy day.

Fast forward a few months, a few rounds of primer and paint, and several toilet paper raids at the local market, I was able to finalize the project. I hit the ship with a main count of starship grey from tamiya. I added in some generic Aztec decals and was not sure where to go from there. I have swung back and forth on weathering recently and I thought a clean build would be fun. But after letting her sit for awhile, it just looked too toyish and bare. So after a few IPAs, I decided to give it a thorough charcoal wash and weathering session.

I gave it a few layers of dull coat to cut the sheen down and I was p,eased with the results. This was a 100% paint job as I didn’t dissemble the kit.i used a medium black charcoal and red charcoal to simulate the grime that the vessel would have endured through the clone wars. I decided against too much red as I wanted to show this ship at the opening shots of clone war.

I decided to use some silver paint to highlight the raised sections and bumps in the hull to give some contrast to the ship. It’s hard to display a paint scheme that’s almost entirely grey so I welcomed the pattern breakup. I was displaced with the decals layout as they were placed during the “clean” phase of the model. But as happy accidents occur in every build, the clean plates act to further breakup the grey.

Overall, I am really satisfied with the ship. I may go back and make a landed base for it instead of the stand but I wanted to stop while I was ahead and not tinker any more with it. The following shots are the final product displays and I tinkered with a few filters for the last four shots.

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