Happy Sunday everyone!

I wanted to share a quick build I finished over the holidays to bring into the new year! As many of us will admit, everyone loves an astromech. My personal favorite has always been the R4 unit. The cone shape dome(?) set it aside from the other units and I always wanted to get one for my desk!

Bandai produced this model and after staring at it in my cart I desired to take the plunge. As this is only my second figure kit, I figured it would be a welcome change of pace from hull grey and Aztec decals!

Here is the overview of the parts in customary Bandai organization. I immediately noticed the extra parts for an R2 unit. At first I had one the model lottery and received a double kit! Alas, my luck didn’t play out that direction! From what I can gather , the droid astromech kits have some crossover parts to go along with the unique droid features. From what I can tell, you can almost complete the R2 dome with the left over kit parts. The kit does not have decals, only stickers. An odd feature but as this was a fun side project, I was not going all out on this kit.

Here is Henry after completion. The sticker panels will really help put some detail to the model. What surprised me with the kit was the level of layering for the parts. It really adds dimension to a simple kit.

The final pictures are of the completed model. It was a fun build and certainly would consider getting another astromech if one catches my fancy. Henry will find a nice spot next to my phase one clone trooper!

Thanks for reading! As always, comments and suggestions welcome!

P.s. the droid is named after our lovable little tripod cocker spaniel!

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